10 Signs That It’s Time to Stop Renting and Become a Homeowner

10 Signs That It’s Time to Stop Renting and Become a Homeowner October 22, 2020

Millions of people pay rent, cutting a check to their landlord in exchange for permission to have somewhere to rest their head at night. While there’s nothing wrong with renting, many renters eventually make the jump into homeownership, choosing to reap the fruits of their labor in a more personal and long-term way.

Maybe you’re one of the former: toiling away at an office, factory, or restaurant, only to sign your hard-earned check over to some strange guy with wispy hair and an attitude problem. But maybe you’re thinking of becoming the latter, and leaving behind the days of tossing your money away to become a homeowner in your own right.

And if you’re still not quite sure which way to go, here are ten signs that it might be time to stop renting and become a homeowner:

1. You desperately want to customize your place

Flooring, light fixtures, PAAAAAIIIINT. Heck, why not a whole wall mural?! Just imagine the possibilities…

2. You’ve scrimped and saved and have enough for a downpayment

And if you add what’s in the swear jar, you might even have enough for new furniture.

3. The landlord keeps raising the rent

The square footage hasn’t changed, so why does the rent keep going up?

4. All of your friends are homeowners except you

We know, we know: “If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” But this is DIFFERENT. We’re talking real estate here!

5. You believe your pet deserves a place to call their own

Fluffy deserves comfort and safety, and her own backyard.

6. You’re sick of paying the landlord’s mortgage for them

What’s next, paying their kid’s college tuition!?

7. Mortgage rates are lower than you’ve ever seen them

Wait a second… is that a TWO!?

8. You just got a nice promotion at work

Maybe your boss wants you to buy a house… you never know.

9. You’ve found a neighborhood you’re truly in love with

Beautiful trees, a quaint little coffee shop, OMG is that a Thai restaurant?

10. You’re ready for something that truly belongs to you

It’s time to find your forever (or at least for-a-long-time) home.

If any of these signs seem familiar, the only other signs you need to look for are these…

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