2020 Decor Trends We Can’t Wait to Kick to the Curb

2020 Decor Trends We Can’t Wait to Kick to the Curb December 24, 2020

The pandemic has radically changed the way we live and work. It’s also had a significant impact on our home decor—and not necessarily for the better.

After spending months inside, you’re probably beyond sick of looking at some of the COVID-related adjustments you’ve made. With the new year rolling in, and the coronavirus, hopefully, on its way out, chances are you’re looking forward to taking back your home and your health before too long.

The following are some trends that started in 2020 that we’re betting you’d probably prefer to never see again, let alone in 2021!

Toilet Paper Towers

Toilet paper was more prized than shiplap was in its heyday! While you may have considered yourself very fortunate to have a towering supply, those toilet paper pyramids just bring back bad memories. We’re happy to see this trend of stacking and displaying TP go down the drain!

Mask Racks

Nothing says 2020 quite like the mask rack. Sure, you don’t want to leave home without face coverings, but they certainly don’t add much to your entryway’s aesthetic. Like underwear on a clothesline, this is something we’d prefer to not have to look at again any time soon!

Wall Art Reminders

Words as wall art has been a trend that’s been on the way out for a while now. But when it has a pandemic spin, it’s definitely time for it to go—and not return!

Joke-y Doormats

COVID-related doormats make you feel anything but welcome! If you’re trying to keep visitors at bay, this probably does the trick. Still, if you’re hoping 2021 is the year you expand your social circle, you’ll want to ditch these un-welcome mats.

Handwipe Displays…Everywhere

Who needs a centerpiece when you’ve got…handwipe displays? Sure, it’s convenient to have multiples stationed around the house but we’re definitely ready to let these slip into the background again.

Homeschool Classrooms

If you had to quickly convert to virtual learning, you know how fast your school supplies can take over the house. Not only is it hard to be both teacher and parent, but the sprawl of online learning takes its toll. Here’s hoping 2021 sees kids returning to the schoolhouse and your home returning to order.

Shared Office Spaces

Working from home meant setting up shop just about anywhere you could. But whether you have kids, pets, or both, it was often a struggle to keep your “office” tidy this year. If you’ll be working remotely for the foreseeable future, try to carve out a designated, quiet space in 2021.

Hand Sanitizers—Indoors & Out

Hand sanitizers took the place of aromatherapy candles in 2020. But seeing them everywhere felt like another reminder of the germs surrounding us. Sure, we want our hands clean, but having these bottles all over the place doesn’t enhance your home’s Feng Shui.

If we’re being honest, we probably won’t be getting rid of these decor trends as soon as we ring in 2021, but we can at least hope that these are all a distant memory by the end of it!

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