Attic Transformation Gives Mom Posh Closet of Her Dreams

Attic Transformation Gives Mom Posh Closet of Her Dreams July 28, 2020

Few women would say they’re satisfied with their current closet situation. From lack of space to poor lighting, there are plenty of reasons to covet about a closet upgrade.

One woman got a closet makeover that’s safe to say surpasses most people’s dreams. How did it come about? Her husband Rodolfo Cabrera, the talented owner of Maryland-based Remodeling & Design LLC, converted their unfinished walk-up attic space that was going to waste, so the builder decided to repurpose it. The transformation is nothing short of spectacular.

Brace yourself for serious closet envy!

Looks like a massive undertaking, right? Not so for Cabrera. He went right to work framing the space, then installing the drywall and electrical work. He even put a split air conditioning unit up there, making it even “cooler” than your average closet in more ways than one!

With the walls in place and painted this vibrant white, you can see it already taking shape. The LED lights make it nice and bright. No more hunting around in a dark closet!

This window adds tons of natural light but if the couple gets dressed in there, they may want to hang some curtains as soon as possible.

With 15 years experience in home remodeling, Cabrera has the skills and expertise to maximize every inch of space. These built-in shelves are beautiful and will help keep clothing and accessories well-organized and easy to reach.

As if the closet itself weren’t beautiful enough, take a look at the ultra-modern staircase that leads to it.

This floating staircase is a work of art in itself.

Now that is a way to put an unfinished attic to better use!

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