The Best 37 Real Estate Memes of 2020

The Best 37 Real Estate Memes of 2020 January 5, 2021

There’s a lot of 2020 we all want to put behind us and forget. Being a real estate agent isn’t easy in a normal year, but being one during a pandemic? Well, that takes someone who can change and go with the flow in the blink of an eye.

But one thing that didn’t change is the need to laugh. If anything, laughter is even more important in a year like 2020!

So, we put our heads down and worked harder than ever to make sure we kept pumping out the best Lighter Side of Real Estate memes we could this past year. Let’s close out this crazy year with a long hard laugh…
Here’s the 37 best real estate memes we whipped up in 2020:


It’s like a Jedi mind trick!


That’s a lot, eh? (Or is it a cappuccino?)


Reality shows need a reality check!


OK, maybe they need more than one reality check…


When you put it that way…


Wayyy more catchy than “once upon a time” though!


But you gotta hire movers, ‘cause I won’t pack a box…


I’d buy this game!


Heck, you could also raise sheep for your own wool while you’re at it…


You can barely blink, let alone think in this market!


Can you remember?




Alllll aboard!


Choices have to be made…






I’d be ripped if this all counted as exercise!


Oops, I did it again. (Good luck getting that song outta your head now…)


Ummm, noon in which time zone?


This is the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth…




*tires squealing around the corner*


If only they were as steady as a paycheck…


Seriously, how does it disappear like that?


All the feels…


But I’d be down for a date with a For Sale sign!


That constellation should totally exist.


Unless of course your number ends in * or #.


In case they don’t realize…


Takes way too long, way too often.


Not a bad hack in non-COVID times actually!


We might need this as a write-off since we were in lockdown for so long.


Better to be safe than sorry!


Not even as a kid…who woulda thought it back in February!?!?


We all need to do our part to end this nightmare…


No matter what year it is, there’s always plenty of crazy to apply it to in real estate…


Seriously 2021, give us your highest and best — with no conditions!

Hope you got a good laugh or two (or 37) out of these! Wanna keep laughing (and your audience laughing) throughout 2021? Click here to find out how to get in on these memes the minute we publish them, with your branding on them!

Mike Bell
Chief Chuckler in Charge
Lighter Side of Real Estate

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