Dollhouse Doors For Your Wall Outlets? Yes, They’re A Thing

Dollhouse Doors For Your Wall Outlets? Yes, They’re A Thing June 4, 2020

Chances are you don’t spend much time thinking about your electrical outlets—until you need to plug in an appliance or charge your phone, of course. It probably never crossed your mind to spiffy up those sockets. Who could blame you?

But dressing up those boring old outlets is exactly what one homeowner has done. And she’s gone beyond simply swapping out those neutral switch plates you find at the big box stores. Cristina, a dollhouse enthusiast, has added diminutive doors to her outlets, taking the concept of “outlet covers” to stylish new heights. Check it out!

You have to admire how the door blends right in with the molding. A perfect match!

You almost expect a cute little cartoon mouse to answer that door, don’t you?

Image credit: Cristina (cristinaf)

It sort of makes you wonder: Do the doors hide the outlets, or does their decorative nature draw the eye right toward them and make you notice them even more?

Either way, it’s a fun addition.

Image credit: Cristina (cristinaf)

The welcome mat is a nice touch, but it begs the question, “Who’s visiting?” Maybe an electrician?

Image credit: Cristina (cristinaf)

The tiny key hiding beneath the welcome mat is even more attention to detail. Just don’t stick it into the outlet!

Image credit: Cristina (cristinaf)

You have to admire how this creative crafter has been able to blend the doors with the color scheme from room to room.

It’s almost impossible to achieve this with traditional, store-bought covers!

Image credit: Cristina (cristinaf)

The doors are so charming, you may forget they’re actually hiding a useful part of the house.

Image credit: Cristina (cristinaf)

This one just looks and feels like part of the art and decor of the room!

Image credit: Cristina (cristinaf)

Naturally, you may wonder how Cristina came up with the idea, and it’s no surprise she has extensive experience thanks to her dollhouse-building hobby

What a clever way to expand on an interest!

Image credit: Cristina (cristinaf)

What hobbies do you have? You never know how your creativity could enhance your own home, and even inspire others around the world. Take a look around your house and add your own personal flair!

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