Quaint Village in Basement Gives New Meaning to ‘Townhouse’

Quaint Village in Basement Gives New Meaning to ‘Townhouse’ June 23, 2020

If you’ve ever visited Diagon Alley™ in Universal Orlando, you may have found yourself enchanted by the charming shops, authentic English pub, and cobblestone streets. Now imagine having the ability to be transported to another world simply by heading down to your basement?

While this Maryland home, listed by Lori Leasure of Washington Fine Properties, might not be Hogwarts, it does boast a pretty fantastic tiny town right downstairs. Ready to travel to an underground village that features some interesting amenities? Away we go!

Talk about curb appeal! This stunning estate makes quite the first impression.

This elegant entryway is as stunning as any you’d hope to find inside a $4 million mansion. But you’d never expect what’s hidden beneath the ground floor.

Simply walk down these stairs and boom…you’re suddenly strolling the cobblestone streets of another era!

They even included a manhole! Wouldn’t you love to see where that leads? Perhaps there’s another underground city beneath this basement town.

Having a home theater isn’t a new concept, but one with its own marquee is pretty novel. Wonder if you can smell the popcorn wafting through the air? Perhaps ticket prices help cover the cost of the super-cool basement?

Going well beyond the typical Matchbox cars you find in many suburban basements, these antique cars are a collector’s dream. Do they need stop lights with all this traffic? And how did they get down there in the first place?

Is that a CANDY shop!? While it’s a sweet idea, it seems wayyyy too dangerous to be able to walk downstairs and see this on the daily.

Moped? Monkey? Massage? Oh my! Way too much going on here to capture in a sentence or two.

If you’ve grown bored with one of the upstairs bedrooms, simply sneak away to this inn right in your very own basement! If breakfast is included, we’d like to make a reservation.

Not what you were expecting from that refined exterior, right?

If you could cultivate a tiny town in your basement, what shops and surprises would line your streets?

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