10 Quirky Habits Homeowners Have

10 Quirky Habits Homeowners Have December 3, 2020

We all have secret habits, whether they’re hidden quirks that we don’t want anybody else to know about, or deep, dark secrets that would make a best-selling novelist blush. Homeowners are no exception.

While not every homeowner does all ten things below, here are some hilarious secret habits that most people who own homes will find familiar:

1. Putting their last name on the mailbox in their best handwriting

It might take a few dozen tries before getting it perfect, but it’s worth the effort to see that perfect lettering.

2. Inviting friends (and frenemies) over for a housewarming party

I hope Kristen shows up so she can see my fabulous new kitchen. That’ll finally wipe that smile off her face.

3. Changing out the little (and big) things that drive them absolutely nuts

If I have to look at those discolored screws on my outlet one more time, I’m gonna lose it.

4. Finding that one closet where they can put everything that doesn’t really belong anywhere else

This is the bedroom linen/legal paperwork/electrical cord/dog jacket/unused paint brush/shipping box/dress shoe closet.

5. Finding the perfect hiding place

The nook in between the bookcase and the foyer is like a personal bat-cave.

6. Knowing the best vantage point for peeking at what’s going on outside

The upstairs bedroom window lets you see the Smiths’, the Koranskis’, and the Rawsons’ house. Just make sure you don’t pull the blinds too hard or they might notice you.

7. Checking their home’s estimated value on real estate websites

Wow! It went up another seven hundred bucks since yesterday!

8. Coming home after a trip and seeing their place with fresh eyes

Everything looks so much nicer when you haven’t been staring at it for sixteen hours a day.

9. Watching the mortgage balance (slowly) go down month after month

Sure, a lot of it goes to interest at first, but every dollar that comes off your balance will eventually belong to you.

10. Feeling that tinge of pride when they tell somebody they own a home

It’s a bit of a humble-brag, but there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in the fruits of your hard work.

If any of these look familiar, then you just might be a homeowner. And if not, just give it some time, eventually you’ll find yourself with secret habits of your own.

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