8 Reasons Why Buying a Home and Moving Can Be a Great Thing

8 Reasons Why Buying a Home and Moving Can Be a Great Thing February 2, 2021

People tend to have a varied outlook on the home buying and moving process. Some dread it, while others can’t get enough, switching homes as frequently as others switch cars. Still, most people probably fall somewhere in between: they’re willing to deal with the hassle if it means getting into a home that’s bigger, better, or closer to work.

But tolerating a purchase and subsequent move isn’t the same as celebrating it, and it’s possible that those whose skin crawls at the mere mention of having to up and move aren’t taking into consideration the myriad of reasons why switching homes can be a great thing.

If you’re the type of person who’d rather get a root canal than go through the process of buying and moving again, here are eight reasons why it isn’t anywhere as bad as you might think:

1. It’s an accomplishment

No matter what, buying a home is an achievement. Don’t sell yourself short.

2. You get to leave behind the things you don’t like

Say goodbye to that window that looks out onto the neighbor’s ugly fence. Now it’s in the past.

3. Novelty is good for your health

Science shows that new experiences and changes of scenery can literally make us happier—embrace it!

4. It’s a great opportunity to declutter

It’s one of the best opportunities to make Marie Kondo proud.

5. Needs and desires change over time

Your tastes have changed. Now it’s time for them to match your reality.

6. You’re making (another) investment

Remember, you’re not just throwing money away on rent, you’re buying an asset!

7. Let’s face it: you get to brag a little

Caroline’s always wanted a Cape. Well now she gets to visit yours instead 🙂

8. It can give you a fresh start

We’re constantly reinventing ourselves. Let this be part of the journey!

And if you agree with this article and are ready to make a move, don’t hesitate to get in touch. A great agent can make this process even better.

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