Want to Spice Up Your “Castle”? Redecorate Your Home ‘Bridgerton’ Style on a Budget

Want to Spice Up Your “Castle”? Redecorate Your Home ‘Bridgerton’ Style on a Budget February 11, 2021

Unless you’ve been living inside a walnut armoire, you’ve probably seen (or at least heard about) the hit Netflix show Bridgerton.

Whether folks are tuning in to the popular period piece for the steamy love scenes, the regal costumes, or the clever quips exchanged by Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings, one aspect that boasts universal appeal is the luxurious and eye-catching decor.

Fortunately, you don’t need a time machine or a queen’s ransom to bring a little Bridgeton style into your home. Living Spaces’ designer Shelby Greene shared ways to achieve these lush looks on the cheap.

“A lot of pieces like this can be found in antique shops or simply DIY’ed,” says Greene.

What would Simon say?

So, which pieces can you weave into your existing aesthetic?

“The decor in Bridgerton is very intricate with beautifully-crafted furniture, architecture, and key decor pieces like mirrors, chandeliers, and long drapery,” says Greene.

Sounds simple enough, right? Let’s begin, shall we?

Fine furnishings

“What also makes the Bridgerton’s style so substantial is the artistic furniture pieces,” says Greene. ‘You can find amazing tufted, rolled arm, and rounded edge pieces at your local thrift store.”

Estate and garage sales are great places to pick up hand-crafted furnishings that need a little TLC. These babies have good bones, so sometimes a serious cleaning or reupholstering is all they need to last another century or two.

When you find just the right piece, you may find yourself saying…

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

“You can transform any basic mirror into that look by buying carved molding trim pieces and gilding the frame with paint or gold leafing,” says Greene.

There are also many budget friendly duplicates for this look, she adds, so keep your eyes out while shopping.

Teatime, anyone?

Spice up your teatime with vintage cups and saucers. Antique shops are loaded with these finds, so put the kettle on and enjoy!

Plump up your throw pillows

Changing the covers of your throw pillows is an easy and affordable way to add style to any room.

Window treatments

“Tying the whole look together is with large grand decor pieces like chandeliers, drapes, and sculptures,” says Greene. “Custom-length drapery can be expensive, so by simply buying a length longer than needed will do the trick to achieve the puddling grand look.”

Floral arrangements

Daphne Bridgerton receives a florist’s-worth of blossoms from her suitors, adding color and style to her drawing room. Grab an urn and create your own centerpiece.

Chandeliers that shine

A Victorian chandelier dresses up a room like few other adornments. So, add a little glamour with this fixture and give your recessed lights the night off.

“Victorian Era style and decor is well-curated, artistic pieces that are one of a kind,” said Greene. “However, the look can be pulled off without paying the royalty price.”

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