We Found Santa’s Workshop: It’s in New Jersey…and It’s For Sale

We Found Santa’s Workshop: It’s in New Jersey…and It’s For Sale December 10, 2020

With Christmas fast-approaching, you may be busy decorating your home. But chances are even if you hang every single stocking and ornament you own, you still won’t be able to deck the halls like one New Jersey homeowner!

Dr. Janet Munger has been a lifelong collector who enjoys spreading holiday cheer by making her 5,420 square foot home as festive as possible. At first glance, her array of wreaths, trees, nutcrackers, and angels may seem like a lot. So much, in fact, your eyes almost can’t take it all in at once! In other words, you’re about to see a display that would make Clark Griswold (ever)green with envy!

If you find yourself falling in love with this home, feel free to add it to your holiday wish list. For just under $2.2 million, this sprawling showplace in Colts Neck, listed by Janice Rizzo with Robert Defalco Realty Inc., could be yours! The four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath estate hit the market in October, and it’s got ample room for all of Santa’s elves plus the reindeer.

From the exterior, you’d never know what holiday wonder awaits inside. Take a look and see if it doesn’t have you humming carols! In fact, The 12 Days of Christmas comes to mind as the homes boasts: 81 wreaths, 60 swags, 30 Christmas trees, 20 nutcrackers, 238 angels, 38 Santa figures, 14 nativity scenes, 115 religious statues, and 100 other Christmas-related items. See if you can spot them all!

Wait for it…

New Jersey’s answer to the North Pole

Who’d think you could fill that massive foyer? If this doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, nothing will!

Who needs a butler…

… when you’ve got these life-size nutcrackers on hand to greet your guests?

Santa’s Office

We see a desk…but just barely! Santa may need to go on a diet to fit into this workspace!

Christmas isn’t contained to the foyer…

Some might feel as if they’re dining in heaven. Fortunately, you don’t need to prepare any extra food for all these religious figures.

Bringing the outdoors in…

Jersey weather can get a little gray around the holidays, but not in this “green” room!

A little Italy…

Dr. Munger explained that her family’s ancestors hail from Italy. As an homage, she’s tried to replicate the beauty of the country’s artistic creations, churches, and stonework.

Curated with care

A principal and superintendent of NJ public schools, Dr. Munger, with her brother’s help, was able to achieve her wish: creating a home that embodies Christmas.

“I have always wanted to make life beautiful in every way possible for all those I love and all those in my care,” she explained.

Looks like she’s done it—in a big way!

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