10 Things People Who Love Modern Design Always Say

10 Things People Who Love Modern Design Always Say October 27, 2020

Except for the select few who truly don’t care, most people have their own taste for design. Whether it’s transitional, rustic, or farmhouse, everyone has an aesthetic that makes them light up and dream about being able to buy a home that gets everything just right.

But there’s one group of people who, above all, knows what they love and aren’t afraid to be vocal about it: the modern design lover. They’re very particular about their taste and won’t be satisfied until they’ve achieved a clean, seamless look.

If you (or someone you know) is really into modern design, then you know there are things that people who love the aesthetic tend to say. Here are ten statements that will sound familiar:

1. “If only these windows were a bit bigger.”

There’s never, ever enough natural light. If you brought the sun indoors, it still might not be enough.

2. “I’m more of a minimalist.”

Less things means more joy. If it doesn’t need to be there, then why the heck is it sitting in the middle of the room!?

3. “Two words: functionality and style.”

Functionality comes first, but without ever compromising style.

4. “We’ll definitely need to paint this room white.”

Whites and greys above all. Maybe there will be an accent wall, but they’ll have to think about it!

5. “An Eames chair would be perfect for this space.”

A what chair?!

6. “What’s the material? We need something natural.”

Wood, brick, stone, and metal make modern-lovers happy.

7. “Everything is exactly where it needs to be.”

And until it “feels” right, you have to keep trying.

8. “Do you think this is a load-bearing wall?”

Less walls, more open space. Every square foot should be open and walkable, and don’t try to argue otherwise.

9. “It’s way too busy in this room”

Clutter and too-busy decor is like kryptonite. Time to clean things up.

10. “This place really flows.”

A perfect modern home has an almost seamless flow. It’s not easy to pull it off, but when you do, you make the modern-lover swoon.

Whether you happen to be a modern-design enthusiast, or prefer another aesthetic, there’s really nothing better than seeing something that matches your personal taste (especially when you get to own it)!

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