Need A Break From The World? Get Away In This Underground Dome Home

Need A Break From The World? Get Away In This Underground Dome Home October 1, 2020

Dome homes are fairly uncommon. But one that’s on the market in Buffalo, Texas is garnering interest for more than just its shape.

This 7-figure home offers 3,000 square feet constructed fully underground! Yes, you read that right! Built in 1999, this monolithic dome boasts three bedrooms, two baths, and three spare rooms all buried beneath the lawn. Talk about making the most of your property!

While you’d think being underground might be a bit dark, listing agent Terri Alexander of Re/MAX Landmark pointed out that there’s plenty of light from the entrance tunnel.

You can literally “see the light at the end of the tunnel”!

Far from your typical entryway, wouldn’t you say? Just where does this tunnel lead?

A colorful underground front porch!

No need for flowers or shrubs when you’ve got this vibrant design.

But you will find some trees in the living room!

The painted trees make the ceilings feel even higher than they already are.

What’s behind door #2?!

There’s a secret panic room built behind the master closet. Good luck to anyone trying to even find the closet!

Need a vacation?

Just head to the next bedroom and turn on some ocean sounds, lather up in some suntan lotion, and pour yourself a margarita.

And then head to the spa…

This spa tub reinforces the home’s “getting away from it all” vibe all the more.

In the mood for some real nature?!

There’s plenty of it! Turns out, the dome rests on 40 rolling acres so you can really spread out and enjoy—above and below!

Where you park in your park…

“Rounding” out the property, it’s only fitting that the above-ground garage is also a dome.

It’s only a matter of time before someone “digs” this dug out home, and scoops up the opportunity to get away from it all by buying this unique listing!

Are you ready to live underground?

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